Timeless Love

by Tom Rhodes

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Written and performed by Tom Rhodes


I think I wanna leave, hey do you wanna go with me?
I've been thinking of headed back down to New Orleans.
Where I was young, singing by the riverside.
Back before the water got high and pushed my people out into the sea.
And Lord knows them days they're gone,
but there's something buried down there and I aim to make it known.
My love ain't bound by time.

I think it's time to go, hey baby do you go with me?
I don't wanna be alone singing my songs to the deep blue sea.
Hey we could hop a boat and sail her on a westward tide, pray the seas stay low and our sails, they stay high and dry.

Lord knows where the winds they blow, but there's something waiting out there baby, I aim to make it known.
My love ain't bound by time.

Some know where, and some they know why.
I only know who. When I'm with you I know the world feels fine.
So what I wanna hear is, "when are we gonna goodbye?"

Cause I think I wanna go, do you wanna go with me?
I'd stay here baby but there's places that I would love to see.
I could you to the moon, yeah we could make our way up there.
I'd run my fingers through your hair at the top of the atmosphere cause,

Lord knows them places we could go.
But when I'm with you my love you know I gotta make it known.
My love ain't bound by time.
Oh no no.
My love ain't bound by time.
Come on and go
We ain't bound by time.


released May 12, 2012
Tom Rhodes



all rights reserved


Tom Rhodes Oakland, California

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